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Jean Perrière

Jean is a French photographer Paris based. Everything starts at the age of 10 with the first prize won at a Kodak Photo Contest on the Riviera: a Brownie Starlet camera...

Since that time he tries to capture the most beautiful time frames possible through all his trips around the world.


‘The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.’

Dorothea Lange 1895-1965, American Photojournalist

Self portrait Jean.jpg


Cameras and lenses

Leica Q2

I am using this camera because it is very compact and discret with a tremendous resolution.

Nikon D300

I know it is not the most recent Nikon but using it with a Nikon zoom 18-300 mm it is great.

Nikon F3AF (Analog)

I took a lot of pictures with it and in combination with a wide range of lenses I made some of my best pictures with it.

iPhone 15 Pro Max

I carry it everywhere so it is always ready to take any very good pictures

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